This Just In: ODDS Announces Its Speakers Bureau including highly qualified and entertaining speakers

Are you looking for a qualified and yet entertaining speaker for your next continuing education meeting?  The ODDS has just released a list of speakers and topics that may solve your meeting planning problems. Click here to go straight to the 411 on speakers & topics. If that didn't answer all your questions, please contact Holly at 402-551-6503.


to the Omaha District Dental Society!

The ODDS provides the following benefits to its members:

  • The ODDS works hand-in-hand with the NDA to offer a unified voice in the Nebraska Legislature to protect the profession and practice of dentistry.

  • Six General Membership meetings each year provide ODDS members with the information they need to operate their dental practices safely and legally.

  • Community Service is the hallmark of every profession. Working together to enhance the oral health of children and adults in the greater Omaha community is an essential part of "giving back" and helping others. It's also fun to share your expertise, compassion and experience with others.

  • When you face a difficult issue with a patient, the ODDS Peer Review offers mediation that enables you to solve problems without going to court.

  • All work and no play is no way to live your life! Not when there are fun, relaxing and rejuvenating social events offered by the ODDS. Check out the Events page for details on our annual Golf Outing, Pampering Spa Night, Holiday Party, Network and Mentoring events.

  • You know you're an excellent professional. Why not expand your expertise in the areas of ODDS Board or Committee Service? Serving can mean an hour or two a year ... and you'll develop leadership skills as well as gaining insight to everything your ODDS does to enhance and protect the profession.