News & Legislative Issues

Organized Dentistry Needs Your Voice, Your Action

One of the most valuable aspects of your participation in the ADA/NDA/ODDS tripartite membership is the influence you can have in the legislation that affects the profession of dentistry and small businesses.

The ODDS works closely with the NDA to respond appropriately to issues that arise on the local and state level. Join us in taking a stand on behalf of our profession and the interest of oral health in the greater Omaha area.

On the national level, the ADA, through advocacy activities, works to ensure that all Americans are informed about their oral health and have the opportunity to receive the highest quality dental care.

Know Your Legislative District

The ODDS can provide you with updates on legislations that have immediate impact on your dental practice. Let us know the legislative district of your residence and/or office, your district number, and the name of your representative. Contact us via email at